My Trip from Singapore to Waikiki was the longest Day I have ever spent in my entire life.

From Singapore to Hawaii!

sleeping comfortable with Delta Airlines
sleeping comfortable with Delta Airlines
We left Singapore early morning, 8 May Friday,2015 with Delta Airlines.  We were heading to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

7 hours later, we have arrived at Japan finest airport.

Narrita international airport.
Had a 5 hours of stop over and I have to admit I was so bored at the airport.

Flying with comfort Delta Airlines.

Am amazed with gigantic plane of Boeing
747 aircraft to Honolulu.

Another 7 hours later  we have arrived at Honolulu
International airport yet It was a 19 hours total time flight. Guess what? It’s Friday 8 May 2015 at 7:09 am! Like a time travellers huh? I left Friday from Sungapore, arrived Still Friday almost the same time as I left.

After airport clearance, you can take a taxi or bus just outside the airport.

The bus ride to Waikiki is $15.

The taxi ride is around $40. we  took the bus and they were comfortable. Nothing compare to Philippines or Thailand.
Have finally arrive at our book  Hotel right in the Center of Waikiki. Very convenient as its walking distance to beach and restaurants.

When we arrived. I dive in into the beach of Waikiki Hawaii

Here the Holiday starts! Aloha!

The beach of Waikiki Hawaii is a home of  surfboarders!

My first drink at Dukes  was a bloody mary Waikiki style ( right by the side of the water.. Beautiful settings restaurant as I’ve watch people to the beach.

Tacos in Hawaii were so huge portion.. So Yummy
Tacos in Hawaii were so huge portion.. So Yummy

This is Tacos at Dukes! I ordered Fish tacos! It’s yummy!

Finish lunch at Dukes, went back to the hotel and had nap.

Had a long nap I am back to the beach again as according to my research… it says that the Sunset is fantastic in this area. Here are some photos I have taken using the Iphone..

Water is so clear here in Waikiki beach
Water is so clear here in Waikiki beach

When you are at the beach line, to your left the famous Diamond Head is what you see.

Diamond Head is being covered by the building in this image
Diamond Head is next to the building right at the far end

To your right is the sun that sets beautifully and a few were watching over it.

People watching along Waikiki beach
People watching along Waikiki beach

People gathers,

bring their chairs and beers! In this side… where Hilton hotel is located.
Those are just people start to set on the rocks as the sun goes down.

Waikiki is one of the beautiful and has picturisque view I have been.
Waikiki is one of the beautiful and has picturisque view I have been.

 The sun now sleep and I am hungry!

I am so tired still and I really think that this Friday is the longest Friday!
I am walking towards the town area. I notice there are so many ABC Stores here in Waikiki! It’s like 7-eleven in Singaoire but more variety and bigger! As I was walking I found this… the First Lady of Waikiki?

The First lady of Waikiki history
The First lady of Waikiki history

I stop over at this restaurant and order my dinner!

My appetiser was kalalua Tomato!

Something special. It’s yummy and different from any other type of tomato salad. Serves with goat cheese, spinach and a touch of Roys special sauce.

at Roys in Waikiki
at Roys in Waikiki
This Roy’s special dessert!

The soufflé serve with home made ice cream! The soufflé was hot and creamy inside. The ice cream was not sweet! Just the way I like it!

delicious dessert at Roy's in Waikiki Beach
delicious dessert at Roy’s in Waikiki Beach

Finally! This Friday were about to be over! What a long and 2 Friday’s I spent! 3 countries.

Here is my video on my trip to Hawaii. Please do share you thoughts and thank you..